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Wharf One, Cairns

There is something about eating near the water that piques the appetite, as if the sea air itself seasons the food and the cool breezes sharpen the palate. Wharf One Cafe is down at the docks, in what remains of Cairns original wharf side, now only visited by the occasional ocean liner it was once the site of the hustle and bustle of commerce and delivery with stevedores and passengers chivvying for space as Cairns was both a port of entry to Australia and an export dock for goods headed overseas. 

But make no mistake Wharf One is not just about the venue, and his historical significance, it is about the food. The focus is on breakfast and lunch, and a menu gives more than a token nod to healthy options. But healthy doesn't mean boring or bland. Dishes display a genuine investment in taste and form. On a Sunday brunch foray, rather than try and replicate a full English breakfast, I dove into a Brekky Bowl which boasts a full list of good stuff, including mushrooms, avo, beetroot hummus and some expertly poached free range eggs.  This (gluten free and vegetarian) option formed the foundation of breakfast which I topped off with a really tasty smoked bacon.  Also on the table was 'The One', potato rosti topped Yamaguchi Happy Egg (local and free range), Tasmanian smoked Salmon and avocado and Mungalli Quark. The other highpoint of before dinner dining is always the coffee, and in this case it was not left wanting.  Billed as locally roasted, Wharf One has their own label, a 100% organic blend of Ethiopian and Colombian beans which create a deep chocolaty style, perfect for easing into the day. This is a unique venue with a wow factor not let down in any way by the food and the service.  It celebrates wholesome local fare with arguably one of the best views in Cairns, a definite for your bucket list, or whatever appropriate culinary idiom you would prefer to apply!

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