Taste the Mungalli Biodynamic Difference!

Mungalli Creek Biodynamic Dairy Herd

In the rolling green hills of the Southern Tablelands, you’ll find Mungalli Creek Biodynamic Dairy & Farmhouse Cafe. A place where Jersey, Swiss Brown and Aussie Red cows graze on lush organic pastures and happy chickens roam and forage. The Farm is in a stunning location, bordered on three sides by World Heritage Rainforest, and looking out to Queensland’s Highest mountain – Mt Bartle Frere and the famous Millaa Falls and waterfall circuit is nearby. 

 It’s a family affair run by Rob and Dan Watson and their team. The Watson’s have been farming Biodynamically in this pristine piece of paradise for over 30 years and they’ve developed quite the following over the years. Their fan base now extending to up and down the East Coast of Australia, though locals are unsurprisingly loyal advocates. 
The Biodynamic journey started some time ago, when brothers Rob and Danny Watson took over the family farm from their parents Herb & Pat in 1986. At that time, it was still a conventional farm, but brother Rob had a different vision, which was comparatively unconventional as he set his sights on converting the farm to Biodynamic, a method of farming originally hailing from Rudolf Steiner’s teachings in Europe and relatively unheard of at the time. Ethically and sustainably driven to provide their customers with nourishing and naturally perfect food – Mungalli Creek uses no chemicals or pesticides on the land and a range of Biodynamic preparations to build life-giving hummus rich soil. It obviously makes a difference as there is an undeniable difference in the quality of the products they produce. Thirty years on, Mungalli Creek now boasts a tantalising array of hand-crafted award winning products. 
Whilst Rob and Dan’s vision is to regenerate the farmland and produce the best milk, yoghurts, eggs and cheeses for the community, they also want visitors to our beautiful region to be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the farm – to experience and taste the Biodynamic difference! 
The Mungalli Creek Farmhouse Café – the boy’s original family home looks out to the magnificent Mt Bartle Frere. Located just outside the Millaa Millaa township, it’s a place for lovers of fine food – boasting the “World’s Best Cheesecakes”. Chef Tracie revels in unusual and surprisingly delightful taste combinations using local native fruits, seasonal produce, local coffee, chocolate and spices – my favourites are Moroccan Date & Orange, Pomegranate & Rose, Avocado & Lime, Lavender, Native Raspberry & Mint ….. flavours change daily! If it’s savoury you crave, don’t miss their signature Cheese platter or famous Ploughman’s Lunch and all diets are catered for. There is also an array of local crafted gifts from the many Tablelands’ artisans for sale on site too. From family home to Farmhouse Café it has retained it’s warmth, homeliness and even Mum Pat’s famous Mango Chutney!

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