Aussie Pepper

This week we present a local product, which from comparative anonymity dominates an entire domestic market, all from the quiet country town of Silkwood 100 kms south of Cairns.  Aussie Pepper is family founded and run and was established nearly fifty years ago to provide an alternative to sugarcane, the predominant local crop. It is Australia's only commercial black pepper farm so if it's not Aussie pepper then it's not Aussie Pepper!

Aussie Pepper is the freshest, most fragrant and flavoursome pepper you will find. Conveniently offered in 4 grinds for you to choose.


• Whole peppercorns

• Cracked (think 1/2 kernel)

• Kibble (think 1/4 kernel)

• Ground. Piper Nigrum, black pepper

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