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Mungalli Creek Biodynamic Dairy

In today’s world, where more people are concerned about health and where their food comes

from, biodynamic farming is gaining traction as a leading regenerative farming method.

The key focus of this agricultural approach is to enliven and regenerate quality soil. It

emphasises the holistic and interconnected relationship between soil, plants, animals and

humans. It is a self-sustaining ecosystem that promotes soil fertility, biodiversity and healthy

food production without the use of any nasties.

In North Queensland, dairy farmers Rob and Dan Watson pioneered this method of farming

over 36 years ago for their dairy farm, Mungalli Creek, long before this type of farming was

trendy, and before they were looked on as the undisputed regional leaders in this field. They consider their farm a living organism and use natural preparations and practices to enhance the vitality and health of the soil, plants and animals.

“It’s the way of the future – good for you and the Earth,” says Mungalli’s public relations

manager, Michelle Bell-Turner. “We all know the importance of good gut health, and on a

farm the health of the soil is where it all starts. It needs to be alive with good microbiology,

be well aerated and have good structure for the plants to grow well and access all the

minerals and nutrients they need.

“Our happy cows graze on our lush biodynamic organic mountain pastures, and this enables

us to produce high-vitality, delicious dairy products for the community to enjoy. As the

custodians of this precious land, we have a responsibility to leave it better than before, so that

this pristine part of Tropical North Queensland is here in all its beauty for future


Their popular ranges of milk, soft and hard cheeses, yoghurt, cream and ice cream, which also

includes many lactose-free products, have also gained the attention of food lovers through

their numerous Queensland and Australian awards.

Mungalli Creek has converted over 1000 acres of farmland to biodynamics and showcases its

award-winning products at its on-site Farmhouse Cafe, near Millaa Millaa, and its recently

opened ice creamery and milk bar in Cairns.

Its well-loved Farmhouse Cafe was the family’s original home. Guests can relax on the

veranda that looks out to Queensland’s highest mountain, Mt Bartle Frere, and world-heritage

rainforest. A must for food lovers, it offers an extensive menu made from the farm’s

biodynamic dairy products along with locally sourced produce. Devonshire tea with Jersey

cream, its signature cheese platters, ploughman’s lunches, farmhouse pies, cheesecakes and

dessert boards are just some of the menu items available.

On some days, guests will get a glimpse into Mungalli’s ice cream production area, which

adjoins the cafe. The Farmhouse Cafe also showcases a range of local artisan products,

cheeseboards, books, artwork and chocolates.

The family farm a mix of Jersey, Swiss Brown and Aussie Red cows, and it is important to

Rob and Dan that they also support other local family farms. Their on-farm processing

facility supports six other local family dairy farms, and they also support many local organic

fruit farms in the region.

Mungalli’s newest venture, The Dairy Ice-creamery and Milk Bar, in Shields St, Cairns,

showcases Australia’s first organic lactose-free ice cream as well as offering a selection of

smoothies, coffee, desserts and other delectable offerings for eat in or takeaway.

As a lactose-free dairy farmer, Rob saw a gap in the market, and Mungalli’s fabulous range of

delicious ice cream is getting a lot of attention. Proving most popular is Daintree Forest, a rich

dark chocolate with a native Davidson’s plum swirl. Raspberry and fennel, tropical ginger,

blueberry basil, mint choc chip, espresso coffee, mango sherbet and spiced cherry are just some others of its 18 must-try flavours. The good news is you can also pick up their ice

cream in retail packs to take home.

If you love divine-tasting dairy products that are naturally produced without any nasties, then

the Mungalli Creek Farmhouse Cafe at Millaa Millaa and its ice-creamery in Cairns are a

must visit while in the region.

Mungalli’s products are also available locally in supermarkets and in selected organic and

gourmet stores further afield.

Mungalli Creek Dairy

254 Brooks Road, Mungalli

Ph: 4097 2232

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