Wild Thyme

Helping People, Changing Lives, One Delicious Meal At A Time

Something exciting is happening in Cairns that’s well known in metropolitan cities everywhere: a restaurant-come-social enterprise! And it’s no wonder, given the extensive travels and experience in restaurants abroad - and locally - that Cath Pacey has.

Springing from the ashes of the COVID-19 lockdown of early 2020, on the back of countless hardships for our community, Cath opened Wild Thyme. A new kid on the block, it’s a jewel in the resurgence of Shield Street’s dining district... adding some soul.

Wild Thyme food is definitely soulful; an eclectic combination of flavours and dishes from across the globe, inspired by the diversity of its workforce. But I’ll touch on that later.

Phoenix-ing post-lockdown and numerous re-openings, it’s swiftly becoming a favourite breakfast and lunch spot for city workers, and a sought-after venue for dinner diners. Boasting a fun menu of fresh flavours and dishes (as in, fresh to the Aussie and traditional tropical cuisine), there’s something for everybody no matter your status as carnivore, vegan etcetera.

From hearty, 17-hour slow-cooked brisket and the most imaginative eggs benedict (featuring assorted hollandaise sauces) varieties, Wild Thyme has much for those lunching on the lighter side. On their breakfast/lunch menu, they have a loaded avocado that would turn any hardened conscript to Bacon ’n’ Eggs, as well as a range of inventive salads. The one commonality? Unique, sometimes surprising, but perfectly executed, pairings of herbs and spices and introductions of new ingredients which work.

Now for their ‘bad’ stuff: desserts and cocktails. Fancy cardamon with your staple sticky date pudding? Once tried, you will never have it any other way. Their cocktails are equally adventurous and enticing. They have a raft of craft beers and ciders, made bespoke and unique to the particular flavour requirements of the team by local brewers. But, if you are cutting back or opt not to imbibe, their juices are many.

In fact, the team have as much fun selecting the ingredients for their bright, cold and fruity concoctions as for the rest of the menu. Drinks are not taken for granted here, so you will [thankfully] avoid the ho-hum of a subpar wine list or a sparse choice of soft drinks or water as the sobriety specials.

The ingredients they love are locally sourced (unless required to be flown in from key suppliers for their more exotic dishes).

Wild Thyme’s team are locals, but from all the lands on Earth they come. They celebrate the diversity of their multicultural team (who each have unique skills, though come from many different backgrounds of experience and training).

A not-for-profit business, Wild Thyme is owned by National Joblink and offers Certificate II in Hospitality placements, where students are encouraged to bring with them their favourite dishes to hone. Not only does Wild Thyme seek to better showcase and reflect the society of Cairns today, they also give back to the community they love. Each week their team prepares anywhere up to 60 meals for Rosies to help feed those who may be struggling. So, how might you be able to help? Go there, keep going back and support them to do this work.

Oh, and by the way, they’ve made pizza a breakfast food... just in case you weren’t already convinced to go.

Wild Thyme
41 Shield Street, Cairns
4041 2112


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