Seafood Venture Scales

Cairns Little Seafood Market, a prominent tuna export business in the region, is set to diversify its operations into a seafood processing hub. This expansion initiative is expected to generate up to eight new full-time positions, thanks to a Rural Economic Development (RED) grant of $200,000.

Co-owner of Cairns Little Seafood Market, Kate Lamason, expressed her enthusiasm for this strategic move. The company is committed to contributing half of the grant to finance the expansion, which includes acquiring state-of-the-art processing equipment and a refrigerated truck. This expansion will not only enhance the resilience of their business but also cater to the growing demands of the local aquaculture industry.

The project entails the acquisition of processing equipment and the recruitment of a team of highly skilled professionals. Cairns Little Seafood Market is poised to extend its operations beyond tuna processing and exporting, now offering these services to the broader aquaculture industry, including barramundi and prawns.

The establishment of this export-approved hub will benefit North Queensland commercial fishers significantly. They will now have the opportunity to process their seafood locally, eliminating the need to send it to Brisbane. This not only reduces costs but also ensures better shelf-life and product quality.

With over three decades of active involvement in the seafood industry, the Lamason family has garnered significant expertise, particularly for their globally recognised sashimi-grade tuna and value-added products.

This strategic expansion not only secures the future of Cairns Little Seafood Market but also boosts the local economy by creating jobs and strengthening the region's role in the aquaculture industry.

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