Tommy Young

Words by Sharon Timms

We get it… the obscenely wealthy have it good. They have the stylists and the personal shoppers, the drivers, the art consultants, the personal trainers and the interior decorators. But our favourite of all silver-spooned perks must be the private chef. Imagine having someone in your kitchen cooking your every waking meal? The dream, oh the dream!
But who said private dining was just for celebs and the super-rich? Private cheffing has taken a huge raise in the popularity stakes and it’s come at a time when people are seeing the value in personalised service. Why? Because not only do personal chefs provide a rock star service, but they provide huge savings compared to takeaway and eating out – especially for families on holiday - not to mention the health benefits and convenience factor.
Tommy Young, owner and head chef of well-established catering company, Port Douglas Catering, has seen the recent shift towards the use of private chefs, particularly with families on holidays. In addition, local foodie dinner parties are jumping on board with hosts choosing to mingle with guests over being suds-deep in washing up.
“As a private chef, I help make ‘fancyrestaurant- in-your-home’ type events,” Tommy says. “We can do multi-course degustation dinners, family dinners, BBQ lunches or personal menus prepared in the guests’ kitchen. The majority of the holiday houses here in the tropics are stunning, so no particular set up is required – there’s a natural beauty that comes with these properties; having a private chef really rounds out the experience.
“Private chefs offer a mobile restaurant experience and often interact with guests as part of the evening’s entertainment, so we need to be well presented, have local knowledge and also be a little bit cheeky. We act as a bit of a concierge too, a trusted source of information when it comes to the region, experiences and other dining options. People seem to trust chefs – there’s a raw honesty there.”
Although the idea of getting a private chef for a couple or for a one-off event is great, private chefs also work really well for families, taking the pressure out of dining, and saving the one person from having to do all the work. “We provide almost a concierge or butler service in these instances,” Tommy says. “We shop regularly for provisions for the stay, cook specific dinners for the kids, then dinners each night for the parents.”
As for the cost? “It’s comparable to going out to a restaurant, except you get to have it in a beautiful home, with personalised service and no transport issues to get home.”

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