FNQ Brew - Nerada Tea

Words By Sharon Timms

Nerada will always be characterised as a uniquely Australian, Glen Allyn tea because of our growing conditions, soil types, climate, variety and altitude. We are close to the equator and thus it is very temperate, and so there is a perfect marriage most of the year where the fluctuations in temperature are often very small.” Visitors to the local area can visit the Malanda plantation, sitting at the Nerada Tea Room and enjoying the spectacular vista. Throughout the week visitors can learn more about the tea production process, enjoy Devonshire tea and scones or high tea. You may even be lucky enough to spot one of the rare Lumholtz Tree Kangaroos who often reside outside.
Nerada is the largest Australian-owned and produced tea in the world, delivering a minimum of 6 million kilos of fresh tea leaves to its Malanda processing facility each year, which results in approximately 1.5 million kilograms of black tea or almost 750 million cups of tea a year. That’s a lot of dunking. The tea is then transported directly to the Brisbane packaging factory and onto supermarket shelves, meaning fresh Australian grown tea can go from crop to cup within 35 days. With a time-frame like that, there’s no excuse to miss your daily constitutional. And for a bonus little side of social conscience, in 2018 Nerada Tea received Rainforest Alliance Certification for the pesticide-free black tea, the first and only Australian agricultural entity to be awarded such certification.
So next time you’re in the supermarket, look for the distinctive green pack in the tea aisle. It’s one of the few Australian teas on the market and you can definitely taste the freshness in the flavour when you compare
to the international offerings. Australian producers often do it tough and we need to keep the tea in Australia, supporting this beau-tea-ful treasure in our own backyard.

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