5 Minutes With Rowan & Kate

Kate, Rowan and Euston Lamason

Little Tuna

Rowan and Kate Lamason first started working together when they opened Little Tuna in 2016

What qualities do you think are necessary for a couple to work together successfully?

Very clear plans on what you want to achieve, a common goal and lots of patience! Find each other’s strengths and capitalise on them, trust each other’s judgment and work together to make the big decisions.

Do you make all major decisions together?

Yes. We both need to be specialists in the business and understand the pros and cons of each decision. Any decision always has multiple elements that will affect the business, so nothing should go unchecked. Although we do have separate areas of the business each of us manage.

What do you like best about the food in Far North Queensland?

The huge variety as well as all the specialty products available. It’s always fresh and offers something a little bit unique. We are lucky to live in an international destination so lots of different foods are available.

Do you have any children, and are they involved in the family business? Our toddler Euston spends a lot of time with us in the factory. He likes to help pack the jars, ride around in the cart and loves to stack the jars. He usually does the local deliveries with us.

Do you have future goals you still want to achieve?

Yes, we are always working on what’s next for Little Tuna. We want to expand our product range and increase our market reach.

What advice would you give a couple starting out in the food industry? There are a lot of people in FNQ already in the industry who are happy to help and provide advice. Join networks and meet as many people as you can.

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