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Ok, simply put, I love the food here.  It’s good, trending toward very good. The imported Asahi on tap makes everything even better. This is probably the nearest to an izakaya in FNQ and the fanaticism of the owner and self confessed Japanofile Adam Craven-Sands brings an air of authenticity to proceedings.  This authenticity transcends the rather obscure architecture of the Sheridan Street venue, which previously has been a Mexican, and Indian and most recently a Taiwanese restaurant. Now replete with curated Japanese artefacts and suitably manga-like external murals, the interior houses cherry blossom, imported street menu boards and memorabilia from Adam’s hundred or so trips to Japan. But all this is secondary to the food. Adam recruited Masami Kawano, former owner and sushi legend at Zaru. Sammy can be found creating behind the front and centre timber sushi bar with all other culinary magnificence coming out of the kitchen from the hand of Japanese power house chef Maza. Adam has insisted on the details, freshly imported wasabi root, freshly grated for each service,  This is no ordinary culinary experience.  Even simple gyoza or marinated octopus set a new benchmark.  The octopus is a case in point, a take on a traditional recipe, it has all the prerequisites of a world class dish. Spice, texture, flavour all underpinned by the best ingredients available. Sushi is fresh, simple and elegant, allowing the ingredients and presentation to speak of themselves and not relying on a westernised homogeneity of soy mayo and tinned tuna to feed a dulled palate. 

For Japanese food to really stand out,  it has to rely heavily on the detail, and Yama Zaru has worked out a winning formula. It leans on authenticity and choice ingredients to achieve an outstanding culinary output and as such should be on your dining journey in FNQ.

Apparently there is some sort of karaoke room upstairs, but to be honest I haven't ventured there.  There are very few things that can spoil my appetite, but belting out show tunes whilst seasoning sashimi is probably one of them…

For bookings, visit www.yamazaru.com.au

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