Mungalli Creek Dairy

Mungalli Creek Dairy is a family-owned boutique paddock to plate producer of award winning biodynamic (organic) and gourmet dairy products. Key product lines include milk, yoghurt, cheese, ice cream and cream.

Pioneers of biodynamic dairying in the tropics for over 30 years, Mungalli Creek Dairy are leaders in the field. Using the best regenerative farming practices to create healthy soil, lush organic mountain pastures, happy cows, great tasting products and sustainability, way into the future.

Product integrity is paramount, and Mungalli Creek Dairy is Certified A Grade Demeter Biodynamic with the Biodynamic Research Institute. Certification # 730.


• Biodynamic Organic Milk and cream

• Biodynamic/Organic Pot Set Yoghurt

• Biodynamic/Organic Greek Yoghurt (Lactose Free)

• Organic Lactose Free Ice-cream

• Biodynamic soft and hard cheese

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