A man, a chilli, a mission

Fenglehorn Sweet Chilli Sauces

Fenglehorn Sweet Chilli Sauces are handmade in Cairns, Far North Queensland by Michael Hayman (aka Stubius-Fenglehorn). Using single varieties of Chillies in each sauce, the philosophy of Fenglehorn is to celebrate the natural flavour and heat differences of each Chiilli variety without fillers such as Tomato or Capsicum. All natural with low sugar, no thickeners or preservatives, these sauces are handmade from over 95% Australian grown produce.

The adventure all began several years ago when Michael was given a few Habanero chillies from which he grew a small crop of heavy fruiting plants. Not knowing at the time that Habanero Chillies possess a legendary heat and a definitive citrus palate, Michael quickly realised he had too much fruit to use in day-to-day cooking and set about making a Sweet Chilli Sauce with some real body and heat.

Following a standard Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce recipe, Michael reduced the sugar and added some extra flavours, thus creating a magical formula for what has been described as the sauce that bridges Sweet Chilli and Hot Sauce into a perfect storm of sweet heat and punchy flavour.

 Despite this still being nothing more than an enjoyable pastime and a great Christmas gift for friends, Michael decided he wanted to make a Jalapeno Sauce to compliment the Habanero. Considerable experimentation was involved to create a sauce that was sweet, yet true to the Jalapeno flavour we all know so well.

People soon started talking about going commercial so it was inevitable to create a medium heat sauce (the orange on the traffic light system) as well as a Super-Hot sauce from the Carolina Reaper. Thus was born the Cayenne and Supernova Uberlava, respectively.

 Fenglehorn Sweet Chilli Sauces use 100% Queensland grown chillies and are a celebration of flavour with a heat level for everyone! From the family-friendly  Jalapeno & Cayenne to the serious heat of the Habanero & Supernova Uberlava, Fen- glehorn is “Sweet Chilli Sauce, but not as you know it”.

The flagship product, the Habanero sauce packs heaps of flavour and plenty of heat. Hot, sweet and tangy with genuine Habanero fruitiness lingering on the palate. *Use with chicken wings, steak, prawns*

Fruity and sweet, this Jalapeno sauce is mild and distinctly loyal to its name. Garlic for richness and a hint of citrus in the back of the palate.*Mix with hummus for a sensational dip*

Medium building heat with a gentle smokiness, the Cayenne is the great all-rounder. Ginger and citrus give this sauce some real edge.

*Family friendly – dipping, marinades etc*

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