FNQ Restaurant & Caterer Magazine aims to inform, educate, represent and connect food-related businesses across North Queensland. 

The magazine is published in print and online quarterly, and then distributed to over 2,000 businesses and key staff within the FNQ food and drink industry. It is the only product reaching a targeted audience of conscientious business owners and decision makers, in a regionally exclusive and unique way.

We seek to set a benchmark for editorial independence in the market, with regular news, features, articles and advice columns showcased in a contemporary, high quality, A4 Print format by subscription, online hi resolution Flip Book, Downloadable DPF and clear contemporary web format.

Covering people, product reviews, management, marketing, finance, alcohol, technology, design, and other industry related topics. 

We only provide informative content, specific to the food and drink industry, for both readers and advertisers.