7 Spices Cairns

7 Spices Restaurant and Bar

A Modern Fusion Of Indian, Chinese & Napalese Cuisines.

There are many places to find an Indian meal in Cairns, but there are none quite like 7 Spices Restaurant and Bar.  You will find this locally owned and operated hidden gem on Sheridan Street. The locals discovered this amazing restaurant years ago and, for them, 7 Spices is the only place for authentic, traditional Indian/Nepalese/Indo-Chinese cuisine.

As you enter, the aroma of exotic spices excites the senses, a prelude to the delicious dining experience awaiting you.   The intense, deep dark red wall behind the bar and subtle accents throughout the dining area make for a perfect backdrop for a romantic evening with the enticing aromas from the kitchen. There is plenty of room for families, work colleagues or friends, too, in the huge space that still feels warm and welcoming.

7 Spices started the trend of Indo-Chinese cuisine in Cairns, with others quickly following suit.  They are always a step ahead looking for new dishes that will delight and satisfy their customers.

“We love to experiment with the traditional dishes and create our own combination of spices and flavours,” says manager Sanjeev Rajbanshi. “Our chefs are from various regions and cultures, so we work together to create a modern version of the traditional recipes.”

Their years of experience have seen their creations such as the Momos (dumplings), Goat Curry and Tandoori Lamb Chop becoming favourites of many regulars, with even fussy eating kids scraping their bowls clean of their Butter Chicken.  Sanjeev and head chef Amandeep Singh, along with their team of chefs, are preparing to extend their menu to include more of their new Indian curries, Nepalese, and Indo-Chinese dishes.

Having Rusty’s Market right next door, you can guarantee their ingredients are fresh and local. “Everything we use has to be of the best quality, and lucky for us, the best produce in Queensland is at our doorstep,” says Sanjeev.

Another offering that makes 7 Spices unique is their cocktail range. “Once we have mastered a new dish, we then create a new cocktail that will enhance the flavours.,” says Sanjeev. “Our staff can suggest menu options and the best cocktail or traditional Indian drink for your meal. They go hand in hand to complete your dining experience with us.”

They also offer traditional Indian drinks and a selection of beers and wines.

7 Spices Restaurant and Bar’s belief is to provide high quality food that is great value. “Some regulars call them ‘cheap and cheerful’,” laughs Sanjeev. “It is great that they are happy with our service and our meals.”

Sanjeev and the team can also help you celebrate your next birthday or group get-together too. With group bookings they can offer a set menu so all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself with an excellent meal, cocktails and company.  If you prefer to host your event in the comfort of your own home, or have a business event at your office, 7 Spices are also more than happy to provide catering options.

7 Spices
78 Sheridan Street, Cairns
4035 1416