Open For Business

As we prepare for relaxing Queensland border restrictions, we also have to take on board a new set of rules regarding who can and can't be served, simply those who have been vaccinated and those who haven't.  

Once again, perhaps disappointingly, hospitality and food and beverage are on the front line of pandemic control, with most to gain and most to lose for this beleaguered industry. Whatever your individual standpoint, we would ask on behalf of our friends and clients across the region as a consumer, please be kind.  The staff shortages continue, turnover is at rock bottom with minimal tourist numbers and supply chain is, on occasion, ropey. This is not the fault of the outlet, its staff, owners or managers, and as consumers, we need to be sensitive to an industry that has had to suffer ever-changing regulation and uncertainty.  And, at least in this region, have been under threat of penalty being asked to police registrations, floor numbers and COVID safe plans with considerably more alacrity than other places where people interact.

So our message is simple, whatever happens, support local, be understanding and be hopeful for something better for our new normal.

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