Yo My Goodness... is THAT good!

YoMG - words by Bec Dent

I approach my frozen yoghurt, like I approach life – with reckless abandon. And, according to Mary Rains, Manager of Yo My Goodness (YOMG) on Abbott St in the Cairns CBD, that is completely fine. ‘No two yoghurts are the same. Everyone comes in and creates their own masterpiece, there is no judgement here.’ 

That’s right, at YOMG there is no right or wrong way to build your frozen yoghurt flavour profile, just MANY WAYS, with 8 different flavours of self serve froyo and dozens of toppings in their Goodness Bar, there is limitless delicious combinations to try. 

But it’s more than just the variety that keeps people coming back for more, it’s Yo My Goodness’ commitment to always using the freshest and the best ingredients and keeping their store looking and feeling the way their Frozen Yoghurt tastes; FUN and FRESH.  YOMG prioritises customer service and hygiene policies to make your YOMG experience exceptional and it’s clear from their ever-growing fanbase, their efforts are paying off! 

You may remember Yo My Goodness from the store on the Esplanade, and jumped for joy at its return to the CBD last year. YOMG will celebrate its one-year anniversary at this new location in April. Owner, Lynette Wilson says “The response from the community has been overwhelming. It’s been so good to see so many regular and loyal customers that we had whilst we were on the Esplanade,“ and the team love welcoming new YOMG customers…soon to be converted fans, daily.  One spoonful and you’ll be hooked, at YOMG, it literally is love at first bite. But don’t worry, you’ll never have to worry about going into frozen yoghurt withdrawals, because they open 11 am to 10 pm daily, 365 days a year. And yes, they love doing seasonal flavours, like their recent lamington froyo for Australia day with Milo and Tim Tams stocked in their goodness bar to really add that extra ‘Oi, Oi, Oi!’ Stay posted on their socials for updates on upcoming seasonal flavour sensations.

Yo My Goodness is a family owned business who clearly love what they do and want everyone to enjoy a spoonful of their passion, so they have made their yoghurts to be inclusive of dietary requirements.  The YOMG froyo range is 94-98% fat free on average, they are all gluten free and they have dairy free and vegan options available. ‘We like to cater to almost anyone,’ Mary says, whether you want sweet or healthy ‘we want each person to come in and enjoy it as much as the last.’ And, if you’re an emergency service worker, you can enjoy it for less with a 50% discount, YOMG, wanting to give back to those who give so much to the community. 

Unsure what to try? You could always go for Mary’s favourites (I mean she is an expert). If she’s in an ‘All Out’ mood; Mary will fill her cup with Salted Caramel & Chocolate frozen yoghurt, with fresh house made brownies, M & M’s, peanuts, Nutella and crumble. If she’s going for a tasty, but healthy treat, she’ll load up Original Tart frozen yoghurt with granola, chia seeds and peanuts (kinda like a muesli bar in a cup.) But again, Lynette reminds us ‘everyone’s tastebuds differ, we see some wicked combo’s come through.’ You do you. 

 So what does Mary love about working here the most? Well yes, the froyo is a perk, but it’s you… ‘the atmosphere is always great, great customers, great vibes; I mean no one comes to get frozen yoghurt grumpy.’ So go on… treat yourself and pick up a cup or cone of happiness today.

125 Abbott Street, Cairns


4041 1440

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