Meet The Restauranteurs - Splash Seafood Restaurant

Megan Mckay

For someone who isn’t a fisherman, Megan McKay knows more about the fishing industry than most people. The proprietor of Splash Seafood Restaurant can tell you the different methods of fishing for different fish, where the best seafood is found and the difference between farmed and fresh ocean bounty. As a restaurateur for 16 years she also knows the best wines and complementary food to serve with seafood.

Megan is passionate about the quality and freshness of their seafood, and as a third-generation fisherman her husband Malcolm has a sharp eye for the top products and only buys the very best seafood available.

“We support all the local commercial fisherman, and every single item of seafood we have is commercial wild-caught seafood,” Megan said. “I can tell you where all the commercial fishermen eat seafood – they come to Splash!”

Splash Seafood Restaurant
103 The Esplanade, Cairns

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