Art In A Cup

Sipping Duck Coffee Roasters

Erik Ruelin

For many of us coffee and inspiration go hand in hand, and when you can make a fantastic cup of coffee, plus you’ve completed a Visual Arts degree, it makes perfect sense to explore the possibilities of foam and froth and have a look into the world of ‘latte art’. A recent artform, believed to have begun sometime in the 80’s, it’s also a transient one, says Erik Ruelin, master roaster at Sipping Duck Coffee Roasters, which he owns alongside good friends Fiorella Denari and Lance Robinson.

Aside from being a deft hand at the ubiquitous milk-poured rosetta - he can make a quinella rosetta! - Erik’s preferred method is drawing directly onto the coffee with a toothpick. Along the way he has drawn everything: from Swiss chalets, to boxing gloves for Russell Crowe, when the Cinderella Man film came out. 

However, the very first thing Erik drew on coffee, back when he was in Sydney as a young barista, was a duck. And it is his unique duck drawing which now forms the Sipping Duck Coffee Roasters logo. One thing Erik says almost everyone can agree on, “At the end of the day, it’s not about what it looks like, it’s just about having a great tasting cup of coffee!”.

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