5 minutes with Frank & Jodi

Cafe Strada

Ferruccio (Frank) Villalta and Jodi Parsons travelled and worked all over the world before opening up Café Strada in Cairns last year

What do you like best about the food industry in Far North Queensland?

We love the produce of Far North Queensland, and love Cairns and its amazing food culture. Cairns has a great awareness and support behind ‘local’ which is fantastic.

Who does the cooking at home?

We both cook, prepare and clean together. Food is very important to us, as is eating at the dinner table together as a family.

Do you make all major decisions together?

All decisions are discussed and made together whether it’s glassware in the restaurant, new menus or even what we are preparing that night for dinner. Together it makes us stronger and complete and a great dynamic. We believe it stops misunderstanding and resentment that can sometime fester and cause negativity in a relationship when we get overtired.

Do you talk about work at the end of the day?

We found that when working together there has to be boundaries. Always show positive support and a united from in front of staff and NEVER take work home. Leave work at work!

Have you achieved any achievements that you’re particularly proud of?

We have met many famous people in our travels! We sat at the dinner table with Robert Plant and provided private catering to Marc Jacobs, Princess Charlotte and Kate Moss.

What advice would you give a couple starting out in the food industry?

You need to respect your guests, their needs and what they want to eat whether it’s for religious reasons or just because they don’t want to eat certain ingredients. A choice has to be offered.  

79 Lake St, Cairns City 

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